All information about the SHOWTECH PRODUCT AWARD


Technology - Sustainability - Light/Sound/MEDIA

The SHOWTECH PRODUCT AWARD will be presented again in 2023. In the three categories TECHNOLOGY (stage technology), SUSTAINABILITY (sustainability & energy efficiency) and LIGHT/SOUND/MEDIA (lighting/sound/media), products are honored that contribute to the creative and innovative implementation of an artistic idea by means of stage technology. The prizes will be awarded exclusively to products from exhibitors at SHOWTECH 2023.

An independent, international jury will make a preliminary selection in the run-up to the trade show, from which the best products in each case will ultimately be chosen. For reasons of independence and to protect against influence, the names of the jury will not be disclosed until after the end of the voting. Likewise, the jury will not learn from which companies the submitted product entries originate.

In addition to the jury's selection, the trade public will also have the opportunity to evaluate the nominated products during the trade fair in Berlin. The product with the most ratings will receive the audience award. The winners receive a certificate and the "Golden Theater Drill" as an award.

SHOWTECH will take place in Berlin from June 5 to 8, 2023, and the SHOWTECH PRODUCT AWARD will be presented on June 6, 2023 at 5 pm.


Designers, manufacturers, importers and distributors can participate in the SHOWTECH PRODUCT AWARD 2023. The prerequisite is participation as an exhibitor at SHOWTECH 2023 in Berlin. Products can be submitted via the form until March 31, 2023.


In each category, the coordinating jury evaluates the applications with regard to the age of the product and the completeness of the documentation as well as compliance with the award guidelines and makes a preliminary selection of three nominations per category.

The submitted products will be reviewed according to the following criteria during the initial evaluation by the jury and the final evaluation:

a. General assessability based on the submitted documents
b. Originality and functionality of the product
c. Innovation value of the product: To what extent does the submitted product improve or revolutionize the primary user functions/technological functions - in terms of material use, construction, man-machine relationship, ergonomics?
d. Design: to what extent does the design create a harmonious unity or solution - through concept or details in design?
e. Lifetime/ life cycle costs
f. Recyclability: To what extent can materials used and raw materials employed be reused?
g. Cost effectiveness: relation cost/benefit in acquisition and maintenance
h. On the market: designs must have gone into production and be available on the open market
i. Sustainability: to what extent does the product (management) meet social, ethical or environmental sustainability aspects?

Upon completion of the selection process, applications that are not nominated will be returned or the submitting individuals will be notified of the non-nomination.

The submitters of all nominated products will be informed about the nomination and will receive the silver nomination seal, which may be used to identify the product in the future. The respective jury will select the award winner per category from the nominations during SHOWTECH 2023.

The jury is obliged to visit each nominated product on the stands and to get an idea of the submitted product on the spot.

The jury will prepare a justification for its selection, in which it will explain the final decision. The award ceremony will take place during SHOWTECH 2023. All nominees commit to be present at the award ceremony.

The products must be registered on their own initiative.

Only exhibitors at SHOWTECH 2023 may register for the SHOWTECH PRODUCT AWARD. Non-exhibitors will not be admitted to the award. The products entered must have been released after July 1, 2022 and have been available on the open market since then. They must belong to one of the specified categories. Each product may only be nominated in one category.

The notification must contain at least the following items:
a. Illustrations of the part or product to be applied for, which allow a clear assessment of the advertised product
b. A description and technical data of the product. The description should explain the submitter's thoughts and considerations in designing the
product, the innovations and uses of the product.
c. The list selling price
d. A completed entry form (included with the award guidelines). Incomplete forms will not be accepted for entry.
The products themselves are not to be submitted for judging. However, they must be on display at the applicant's booth throughout SHOWTECH 2023.

The application forms and the documents to be submitted must be received online by the organizer of the competition no later than April 15, 2023.

All products nominated by the jury for the final must be presented on the exhibiting company's stands during SHOWTECH in Berlin from June 5 to 7, 2023. The nominated products will be visibly marked by the organizers for press and trade visitors. The organizers will have appropriate seals ready for this purpose, which will be made available to the nominees and finally also to the winners for their own promotional activities.

The organizers of the SHOWTECH PRODUCT AWARD will carry out extensive promotional activities for the participants and winners of the competition via publications. By registering, the contest participants grant the organizers permission to distribute publications about the registered product without any further reservations or rights.

Transport and insurance costs will be borne by the applicant. All related costs will be borne by the applicant. Neither the fair organizer nor the organizers of the SHOWTECH PRODUCT AWARD are liable for any damage to the registered object. Submitted documents will not be returned.

All participants agree to abide by these award guidelines and to accept the jury's verdict without reservation.

The organizers reserve the right to cancel the SHOWTECH PRODUCT AWARD in individual categories or altogether if the minimum number of participants is not reached.

Theater drill cast
C.Adolph jig drill

The Golden Theater Drill

The "Golden Theater Drill" was chosen as a trophy because this typical theater utensil is as simple as it is ingenious. It resembles a corkscrew and is used at the theater to fix decorative parts to wooden supports. It can be used flexibly and holds stage sets securely together. The Golden Theater Drills are awarded exclusively to SHOWTECH by our exhibitor and long-time DTHG member cast C.ADOLPH & RST DISTRIBUTION GmbH.


In the history of SHOWTECH, there have already been various award ceremonies. For the first time, new and innovative products were honored with the Product Award at SHOWTECH 2003. This prize was subsequently awarded at irregular intervals. In 2011, the Wizard Award was additionally introduced for the creative implementation of an artistic idea. Since then, this prize has been awarded to the entire team of a theater production. This award has gone to an entire team in each case since then. For legal reasons, the DTHG was not allowed to continue using the trade fair name SHOWTECH or the award title Wizard Award from 2015. Thus, the trade show became Stage|Set|Scenery and the award became THE Wizard Award. The first laudation for the WELTENBAUER was held by Katharina Thalbach. Due to the cancellation of the Stage|Set|Scenery in 2021, the presentation of the WELTENBAUER AWARD was postponed to the Stage Technical Conference 2022, where, under the impact of the pandemic, it was awarded in the three categories of courage, creativity and innovation to grantees from the NEUSTART KULTUR and LIVE KULTUR funding programs of the DTHG. At the beginning of 2022, the DTHG began planning for the fair to be held again in Berlin in 2023 under the working title STAGE EVENT TECH (SET//23). At the request of many exhibitors and visitors, the team decided at the end of 2022 to call the international trade fair in Berlin SHOWTECH again and applied for a patent for the name. Thus, in 2023, the SHOWTECH PRODUCT AWARD will again be presented in Berlin - but for the first time in different categories.

In 2011, ASM won the
SHOWTECH PRODUCT AWARD in the stage technology category for its HCWA winch.